New! Version 12
available November 2021

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Sage software manuals are available separately for download in electronic (pdf) format or as a printed book from Lulu book publishing, search "Sage User's Guide".

Sage Manual

Sage is the creation of David Gedeon, sole proprietor of Gedeon Associates

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16922 South Canaan Rd
Athens, OH 45701

Tel: 740 592-5166

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What is Sage?

Engineers and designers use Sage software to model and optimize stirling cycle engines and coolers, pulse-tube cryocoolers, and other types of cryocoolers in industries and universities throughout the world.

With Sage you can build machine simulation models, specify component dimensions and predict machine performance — all within a graphical user interface or accessed via dynamic link library (dll).

Sage GUI screen

Why Sage Is Unique

Sage does not compete with general purpose CFD software (computational fluid dynamics) but rather encapsulates gas flow, heat transfer and other modeling details within a number of specialized model components which may be freely inter-connected to form complete models of complicated systems.


What Users Say

"I am more impressed than ever by Sage... This is by far the most impressive piece of technical work that I know of ..."
— cryocooler physicist

"Thank you for helping me be so productive over the past 8 years."
—aerospace physicist

"Once again, thanks for your help and for an absolutely fantastic product."
—aerospace engineer

"The DLL has expanded our modeling capabilities and we are finding more uses every day. Thank you for all of your help!"
—senior engineer