Sage software runs under Windows XP through Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit). A 17 inch or larger monitor is convenient for editing complex models.

Sage comes as a self-contained application within a graphical user interface (GUI) or a dynamic link library (DLL) that can be called from other applications.




Three Sage model classes are available with increasing functionality.

Stirling Machine Stirling Model Class For modeling any kind of stirling cycle machine such as a free-piston stirling engine, double acting stirling engine, split-cycle stirling cooler, etc.

Pulse-Tube Pulse-Tube Model Class Includes everything in the
Stirling model class plus additional model components for modeling pulse tubes and flow restrictors in pulse-tube cooler models

Low-T Cooler Low-T Cooler Model Class Includes everything in the above two model classes plus components for modeling Joule-Thomson cryocoolers and an equation of state designed for high accuracy at extremely low temperatures near the working fluid critical temperature and pressure.