During the license period Sage will only run on a computer with a connection to the internet. Each time you run Sage the software will query the online database (via automatic HTTP connection) to verify the remaining time under your license.

You may purchase another temporary license should you require more time. The time will be added to the remaining time under your previous license or start from the day of purchase if your previous license has already expired.

To upgrade to a perpetual license please request a price quotation. Under a perpetual license Sage no longer requires an internet connection although it will be convenient at the time of upgrade. After that the software will run based on license data stored locally on your computer. Temporary license fees are not applied to the cost of a perpetual license.


Purchase a Temporary License

Give Sage a try under a single-seat temporary license...

Step 1

Select the options below to calculate price.

Model Class:
License Duration:
Price (USD):

Step 2

Fill in the installer email box with the email address of the software end user or installer or leave it blank if it is the same as the email address you will provide for payment confirmation. The installer email will become your license identifier in the Sage database and the address to which instructions for downloading and installing the software will be sent. It will not be distributed for any other purpose.

Submit your payment securely on the PayPal website. (credit cards accepted)

Installer Email (optional):
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Step 3

After payment you will receive an email with further instructions for downloading, installing and activating the software.